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Brooding chicken coop plans have to be spotless and durable enough to be able to nurture multiple chickens. otherwise, there might be difficult problems arising.  Preparation is the key to success in welcoming these backyard mates so coordinating every thing beforehand will guarantee success.

Planning and building the brooding coop floor

There’s a wide selection of products  that are sold for brooding which will offer a draft free and comfy surroundings.  The traditional technique is to provide a cardboard border surrounding the area making it the ideal place for brooding.   The perfect height for this is a thirteen to 20 inches high ring.  if the chicken coop plans are for a fifty hen capacity, a diameter of at least five feet should be used.

Assuming that the addition of chickens will be increased later on, the ring diameter should be added to proportional with the quantity of chicks added.  This should bring down the detrimental effects of over populating.   instead of incorporating large cardboard boxes, a kid’s plastic pool or an old tank may be used instead. 

The floor ought to be covered in one to two inches of material that keeps the floor dry and does not matt very easily.  Shavings, ground corncobs, rice hulls etc. will all do this job nicely.  Cedar shavings will not be ideal since these are toxic and will make the birds quite ill.  for the litter, the covering has to be cheesecloth, burlap, paper towels or something that has qualitaies that are non-slick.

This will be necessary for the first 3 days because you will have easy access for feeding the babies by easy access for putting food above the material.  it will also take down the cases of sprattle legs.  also, it will alleviate the  problem of litter eating. 

For a 50-chick capacity, heat must be adequate for the chicks.  it ought to be a 250-watt with reflector.  Regardless of the number of chicks inside, at least 2 heat lamps should be utilized.  Pecking will always happen if your lamps reflect too much light but the use of red heat lamps will prevent this behavior.  Red heat lamps will bring enough light without over-heating.  Heat lamps will be suspended at least 18 inches above the litter.  Check to confirm if heat is enough for the chicks.

Feeder lids are necessary for feeding.  Cut down a box to just about an inch all around the sides.  if game birds and/or bantams are being raised, the difference in height should be three quarters of an inch or less.   Step 5

Elevate the whole system off the floor. a wire floor is needed where the material used not larger than a half-inch cloth.  for raising game birds and/or bantams, a floor made out of one quarter inch material is preferred.

As stipulated by the manufacturer, the floor should accommodate the correct number of chicks being raised in one place.  Check to be sure that the heat is adequate.

Provide a 15-watt red night-light so that they can see and to make them more comfortable.

Providing drinking water troughs is mandatory, however it may also prove to be a problem if too much is provided. 

As soon as everything has been organized, make sure that things are operating as it should to stop  disasters.  These will be the fundamental rules for bringing up chickens and making chicken coop plans that are successful.

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